“Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” – Carl Jung

Tara E. Zanghi MA, LMHC, SEP

Certainly, it is no small task to choose to do therapy and find the right fit for you.  It takes strength and courage to open yourself in the presence of another; to see what has not yet been known; to find your unique way through the many parts of you. This spiraling process, like the peeling of an onion, uncovers more of the innate resources, while dismantling outdated defenses, to then become more of your true self. 

I offer structure and guidance in your therapy to empower you and to know you are not alone as you address the issues and challenges causing distress.  My approach to psychotherapy is holistic and psychodynamic which, at its core, is based in a trust and resilience of the therapeutic relationship.  I am committed to listening deeply and compassionately to where you are and help you make changes to better your quality of life as we work together to meet your therapeutic goals.  

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A healthy dose of apprehension and excitement is a mobilizing force forward into the unknown as you begin to consider change. Equally so, doubts and concerns are a form of discernment.  These are the tensions of opposites at play and, as Jung states, “there is no consciousness without the discrimination of opposites”.  I invite you into a conversation to address any concerns during an initial consultation to see if this is the right direction for you.

My therapeutic services include art, bilateral stimulation (BLS), dreamwork, Jungian depth psychology, mindfulness, Sandplay, Solution Focused therapy, and Somatic Experiencing Trauma Recovery.  

I stay current in creative modalities and the latest research-based attachment and trauma-informed theories, including interpersonal neurobiology, AEDP, CBT and EMDR.